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Introductory Offer

$12.00 per room*

Rooms included for our introductory offer:



Dining Room


Family Room/Bonus Room

Play Room

Half Bathroom

Living Room



Full Bathrooms and Kitchens are $25.00 per room


*Minimum Requirement - $100.00

Takes the guesswork out of estimating.


No kidding!

You don't have to have us do the whole house, pick the rooms you want done but by explanation, the full bath and kitchen areas require the most time so that's why they cost a little more.  


We supply the Cleaning Technicians, the cleaning supplies as well as the equipment to get the job done.


Are there any other stipulations?

Only that we require a 48 hr cancellation prior to our arrival. Our cleaning technicians are in demand and we run a tight schedule. 


Before we leave your home, our Quality Control Team Lead will go thru the areas we did with you and if you aren't satisfied we'll make it right. 

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